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ASQ Certification


Have you been looking for a way to move your career forward? When you add an ASQ certification to your credentials, you'll be adding a mark of recognized quality excellence. Plus, ASQ certifications can help you increase your income potential, provide a competitive advantage, and are recognized globally.

Begin your path to ASQ certification today. We're pleased to offer you a free download of ASQ's guide, ASQ Certification and Certification Preparation Tools, a comprehensive guide to all of ASQ certifications.

Download your free guide, ASQ Certification and Certification Preparation Tools, now.

Designed to help you advance your career and improve your organization, earning an ASQ certification prepares you to be a more accomplished and effective quality-focused professional.

For more information about ASQ certification and upcoming exams, please visit our website.



ASQ Certification Examination Dates in Hawaii


ASQ certification exams are now computer-based.  To view the various certification exam testing windows and application deadlines, go to: http://asq.org/cert/dates


Candidates will take computer-based ASQ certification exams in a Prometric testing facility.  For more information on the test policies and to locate a test center and schedule your certification exam, visit:



Visit the ASQ certification web page to get more information on certifications, including how to prepare for a certification exam, FAQ's, etc.:





ASQ Hawaii Section Certification Assistance

Our local section certification chair can provide personalized assistance for those seeking ASQ certifications.  For more information or assistance from our local section, please email our certification chair at certification@asqhawaii.org.


New Recertification Process: No More Postage and Bulk Mailing!

You can now scan your recertification documents and submit them to our local recertification chair for review to recertification@asqhawaii.org.


You can then scan the summary sheet and send it to ASQ at .  If you wish to pay by credit card, simply write in the credit card section "PLEASE CALL FOR CREDIT CARD INFO" and provide your phone number.  Ms. Valle will call you for your credit card number.


For the most current ASQ certification information, please refer directly to asq.org's training and certification information, currently published at http://asq.org/store/training-certification/.


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Revised: June 29, 2017