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Contact Us

You can contact the ASQ Hawaii Board at via the following:
Role Name Email
Chair Corinne Chung rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Vice Chair Joyce Jo rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Secretary Jennifer Baba rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Treasurer KaleoKalani Kuroda rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Program Jenny Son program@asqhawaii.org
Certification Renee Watase certification@asqhawaii.org
Re-Certification Glenn Hamamura recertification@asqhawaii.org
Audit Charlotte Wagner rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Website Johnathon Jones rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Scholarship Doug Corey scholarship@asqhawaii.org
Membership Kishore Erukulapati  membership@asqhawaii.org
Nominations Iris van der Zander rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Past Chair Iris van der Zander rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Voice of the Customer Brian Stepp rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Publicity Stephanie Lum rsvp0623@asqhawaii.org
Hawaii Award of Excellence Glenn Hamamura
Frank Appel


Your message will be delivered directly to ASQ Hawaii section board members.  Thank you!

ASQ Section 0623
Revised: April 27, 2017